Motorcycle Rider Education of Maine

2005 Honda NighthawkA non-profit organization Motorcycle Rider Education of Maine, Inc. recognizes that an effective hands-on training program using Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Education (MSF) curriculum benefits Maine's motorcyclists by reducing the number of crashes, injuries, and fatalities, and also by promoting the public images of the responsible rider.

It is through our initiative in providing motorcycle safety training that we, the motorcycling community, have assumed responsibility for our own well-being.

We believe that this proactive approach will foster better relations with various government entities, thus reducing the likelihood of the further restrictive motorcycle legislation.

Ride Safe!

Course Locations and Dates

We just added a new course the MSF eCourse, This is a new requirement that everyone wanting to get a motorcycle endorsement in the State of Maine must complete!

2019 Basic RiderCourse (click here)

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Motorcycle Rider Education of Maine (MREM) is Maine's 1st hands-on motorcycle training program!

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